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Dive In-to the Truth

The main purpose of this is to bring awareness to the community about the horrors that not only the whales have to suffer from being taken away from their natural habitat to be used in the entertainment industry. From having to perform daily to never getting to live the life of being free and in their natural habitat. Also, understanding that big corporationsaren’t always transparent with accidents that happen between the whales and the trainers.

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Just because you’ve never gone to theses attractions doesn’t mean you shouln’t be aware of the problems that are causing harm to not only the whales but humans working with the whales. A documentary that really digs in deep for the truth behind it all is Blackfish.  

Blackfish sparked a controversy that shook the world on July 19, 2013. The documentary depicted how SeaWorld mistreated the animals and hid the accidents and deaths of trainers by their main killer whale, Tilikum to the public eye. We chose this social issue for two reasons, one, The fact that the killer whales are taken from their natural habitats and exploit them to “entertain” for audiences at SeaWorld. Second, it is cruel of what extent they will go to look good in the media after tragedies that  happen with their whales and trainers. They both need justice of the mistreatment of SeaWorld.  
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We hope you understand our point of view and chose to spread awareness with those around you because only together can we Dive In and make the world a better place for all living things. 


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